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The age we live in is not called the Information Age for nothing. Information technology is the fastest growing branch of industry in recent decades. Access to information can decide the success or failure of an enterprise. Hyperwave has been facilitating the smooth transfer and management of information since 1997.

Hyperwave is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Content Management solutions. The focus of these solutions is in the areas of knowledge and document management in intranets.

Hyperwave solutions allow businesses to reach decisions faster, to develop traceable decision-making processes, and to communicate more efficiently.
Your company’s intranet plays an important role in this, by acting as a central knowledge database. Different types of document can be collected quickly and easily, and the associated distribution and approval processes can be efficiently implemented. Worldwide, more than 300 companies with more than 600,000 users in both the public and private sectors have chosen Hyperwave as their strategic partner.

At the same time, we are not a large company. But we act on the motto “We develop it – We support it”. What does this mean for you? When you contact us, you do not land in an anonymous call center, but have a direct line to our development team. There you can speak to one of our experts, who will personally deal with your request in a competent manner. Try us out!

Our values

    • Customer proximity – we are available for you
    • Innovation – our efforts are centered on the visionary development of our products
      based on your wishes and requirements
    • Cost-effectiveness – try it out yourself and be convinced
    • Flexibility – the world is heterogeneous – Linux, Windows, we’re happy to integrate
    • Stability and reliability – we build our products to keep on running and running and running …
    • Confidence and trust – you can rely on Hyperwave


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