The better the teamwork in your company, the more likely the company is to function well. But to what extent can you apply this in your daily work life? The most important things for successful team and project work are effective planning and communication, as well as access to the most current documents. This is the quickest way to achieve increases in quality and efficiency. A tool like the Hyperwave Team Workspace is essential for this.

The Hyperwave Team Workspace is the solution for web-based team working. It offers a working environment for internal and external project groups, that is both easy to set up and intuitive to use. Any user with appropriate access rights can set up a Hyperwave Team Workspace in about two minutes. And it also offers you all the document management functions you might require – with no previous knowledge you can publish, edit and replace documents easily. This allows you to start your project quickly, and also lets you bring in new employees at any stage of the project, without the need for extra training.

The Hyperwave Team Workspace naturally offers you all other basic functionality such as version control and role- and group-based access rights management.

This is how we work today: Collaborating on the intranet

Using only web-based technologies, the Hyperwave Team Workspace can be deployed anywhere and immediately, without a major rollout. All internal and external project members and partners can work online or offline, regardless of their timezone or location.

An overview page lets you see any changes in one quick glance. Long drawn-out searches for modified project documents are a thing of the past. A shared calendar and task lists that can be accessed by all participants over the Web help to plan and coordinate tasks.

Better collaboration – better results

Project teams usually exchange important information using e-mail. In order to facilitate retrieval, associated archiving and keywording, these e-mails are taken out of personal inboxes and managed together with all other project-related documents, tasks and appointments in a joint repository. To this end, Hyperwave Team Workspace offers ideal e-mail integration, which can be set up without meddling with the company-wide mail infrastructure, and yet is seamlessly integrated into the existing system.

The bottom line: Some of the most important requirements of the modern business world are the secure exchange of documents, the central archiving of project-specific e-mails, and the ability to integrate into existing business processes. Hyperwave Team Workspace allows you to do all this.

Hyperwave TeamCloud Video

Learn more about the benefits of Hyperwave TeamCloud in this video.


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