Document Management

You understand the biggest challenge in today’s working world: Information – namely, too much of it. Without functioning document management, it is hard to work efficiently. As well as creating and editing documents, what is important is the ability to access documents regardless of location and device, and an efficient repository and administration that allow you to find any document you are looking for quickly. The Hyperwave solution guarantees all this.

Whether we’re talking about digital or paper documents – the primary function of any document management system is to allow the publication of any type of content. Only then can content be edited and assigned attributes, or be automatically distributed or archived.

Hyperwave has made these editing options so simple and intuitive that the user can create and publish documents without any help from administrators. At the same time, we guarantee that the appropriate company processes and access rights regulations are complied with. The easy and at the same time secure handling ensures productive operation from the first day – and frees up your IT people to deal with other projects.

Great ease of use – and then some

What is true for IT people is true for the rest of the company: Employees can either waste a whole lot of their time searching for a document – and even when they find it, they’re not sure it’s the right version.

Or, you can end this waste of time by using Hyperwave and increasing the productivity of your company. The full text search functionality allows you to find documents in seconds; your search results are also grouped systematically, so that you can immediately assign them to a particular customer or project.

This is how you avoid mistakes and additional costs.

And the old question of “who has the most recent version of the document?” never needs to be asked any more, because the Hyperwave solution doesn’t differentiate between online and offline editing. The document is always saved back to the same location, there is no need to manually download it and modifications are automatically synchronized. In short: Every user with access rights is working with the same version – every time.

Not least, the Hyperwave solution doesn’t care what device you use to access the document. You can access all data, without any time or location restrictions and outside of the company boundaries, edit your document and share it with colleagues or external partners.


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