Knowledge Management

It is often referred to as the ‘knowledge of power’. But no matter what you call it – the very specific knowledge that exists in your company is more or less dead capital, unless you draw on its full potential. Only then will it become a decisive factor in production. That is why it is no longer enough to simply gather and archive information and data; the pieces of information all have to be linked to each other and you have to be able to access them as quickly as possible. Hyperwave can also help your company to benefit from this kind of knowledge management.

Hyperwave saves all documents and related meta data in a relational database. We assure both optimal access and comprehensive protection of your data. We also offer powerful search functionality, that allows you to search in all documents and meta data and find what you are looking for in seconds.

Knowledge advantage = competitive advantage

And that is the crucial point that makes knowledge management such a decisive factor in production. Ultimately, you want to make sure your employees have access to all documents that are stored in your company’s own applications and databases. By getting rid of so-called information silos and removing any obstacles that stand between your employees and the information they need, you will give yourself the advantage of knowledge – and with it a competitive advantage.

Don’t waste the wealth of knowledge in your enterprise.

We all know this situation: You urgently need a particular piece of information, but you just can’t locate it right away. Where was the document last saved? Who edited the document last? Where can I find the most current, authoritative version?

Imagine how productive it would be for your company, if situations like this just did not occur in the future: With Hyperwave, you can finally do away with the chaos of documents in conventional folder structures; instead you can organize your files according to content, so that you never again need to waste time thinking about where the information you are looking for was archived and which version is the most current.

What a great feeling – of security.

Hyperwave guarantees that confidential company information is securely stored and can be accessed company-wide – naturally only by employees with the appropriate authorization. In Hyperwave, all access rights are managed automatically and dynamically, allowing you to control access within the framework of the rights structure you have specified. Your knowledge treasure trove remains intact.


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