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The better your internal communication, the better the whole company functions – including how it appers externally. The most important tool here is the intranet. It is the basis for the full range of communication throughout your enterprise. It is important that as many employees as possible are actively involved with the intranet. You can only achieve this, however, if there are no technical hurdles between the user and the Web. This can be done using Hyperwave Web Content Management.

In order to work with Hyperwave Web Content Management (WCM), you donít need to be constantly consulting your administrator. The technology aims to make web publishing as simple as possible – while still considering legal requirements or company guidelines, of course. Whether you want to build a whole intranet, an information website for each project, or a customer information portal, our WCM has all the functionality you require. No matter how many websites, blogs or wikis are published, our WCM makes sure that these do not become isolated islands of information, and ensures also the compliance with corporate design templates. Websites are based on customizable templates and support approval processes based on dual control, and versioning.

Hyperwave offers a true WYSIWYG editor for creating content. Content can be edited directly in the browser, even while other users are viewing your site. There is an automatic release procedure that ensures that only approved pages are publicly accessible.

Professional presentation – internally as well as externally

Website templates allow users to publish content immediately out of the box. However, to ensure maximum flexibility, all pages can be extended using Snippets: How should the website look? Three columns, an image on the left, an infobox on the right? All these options are possible, and it still always looks professional.

By strictly separating content and layout, it is even easier to construct websites. Your employees can easily publish information to the intranet in accordance with their skills, without having to bother with HTML, PHP or other Web technologies. And designers can adapt the ìlook and feelî of the site to current trends, without having to edit each page separately. WCM also offers multilingual functionality: you can create different language versions for each page in your site.

Hierarchical websites for larger firms

Bigger intranets require that individual areas can be edited by different departments. With Hyperwave WCM, you can create as many subsites as you need, that is, websites within your website.

In this way, Marketing (for example) can manage access rights and roles in its own area of the intranet independent from Sales or Production, and still the end result is a website with content that is cohesive and always complies with corporate design.


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