You know the situation: As soon as more than one person is collaborating, or a team is involved in more than one project, approval and decision-making process become steadily more complex. Hyperwave Workflow allows you to connect documents with business processes. Clearly defined paths of communication, check lists and document standards all help to improve the quality of your information and guarantee rapid work progress.

The central platform for modifying structured tasks in Hyperwave Workflow is called the Hyperwave Dashboard. All information relating to pertinent workflows is displayed here.

The application can be implemented without any training and used immediately.

Tasks are automatically sorted according to type. The archive gives you direct access to tasks you have already completed.

Even very complex processes can be monitored and modified easily in the Dashboard interface. An immediate overview of all your tasks and access to the relevant status information of all team members allows for highly efficient teamwork for all participants.

Sharing is the basis of success.

The targeted distribution of information is critical to your business success. Circulars and e-mailing lists can be replaced by Hyperwave Workflow and can be controlled more effectively. And you no longer need to check whether the information you are distributing is even being read.
Whether you are talking about requests, complaints or offers, in order to ensure effectiveness, consistency and traceability they all have to be handled according to a specific process. Hyperwave Workflow allows you to easily implement your own defined processes and guarantees that they will be complied with. Not to mention, any changes you wish to make to existing processes can be made easily and are immediately effective.

In short: Hyperwave Workflow increases the process throughput and the currency of your information.

Delegate – all for one and one for all

Hyperwave Workflow  is designed to provide optimal support for working in teams. Anywhere a team member can edit a task, you must allow tasks to be assigned dynamically.

Of course, delegation rules or vacation cover are taken into account at this point. And of course, the team leader or the team member who has delegated the task must be able to continually keep track of  task progress, in order to intervene or course correct where necessary.

Steering – reaching your destination without unnecessary effort

Standard processes such as approval subject to dual control, or vacation or travel authorization requests can be pre-defined and linked to a drop box. This triggers a defined business process. The user does not need to concern himself with the rest of the process, he simply has to post his document to the appropriate drop box.

Last but not least: Whether you are distributing, delegating or steering, Hyperwave Workflow ensures that every step is traceable using Version Control, and all documents are subject to your company-specific access rights management.


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