Thinking Outside the Box

An extranet is the logical continuation and extension of a company intranet. It allows you to integrate not just users within your company but also external contacts such as business partners, suppliers and selected customers in a comprehensive information exchange.

Of course, an extranet has to offer a particularly high level of security, because you are acting outside of the company network boundaries. So when setting up and running an extranet, security levels should be one of the most important selection requirements – after all, you want to be sure that any sensitive data is definitely secure.

The Hyperwave Extranet Solution offers you a single, safe environment where you have access to all content – independent of your time zone, geographic location or the device you are using. Find documents quickly, edit them and sort them according to title, size or date; always have the most current version to hand; keep all participants equally informed; set priorities and optimize team and project work.

With all these possibilities, different geographic locations and full mobile access no longer constitute any technical challenge. The extranet becomes your central online platform for unimpeded, highly efficient communication between you, your employees, partners, suppliers and customers – anytime and from anywhere.

And Hyperwave guarantees optimal security on top of it all.


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