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These days no company can function efficiently without an intranet. Whether we’re talking about a law firm, a small business or an international concern – the benefits of an intranet are as extensive as they are varied.

With Hyperwave, you can control and specify the scope of your intranet yourself: For example, you can optimize your business processes, create new evaluation options, speed up exchange of data in the whole company, inform employees faster and more selectively, or focus better on knowledge management – and all while enjoying a higher level of data security.

Every single employee will benefit from these measures – and consequently the whole company will, too. The intranet supports the transfer of information between departments, makes communication more time-flexible, and increases information transparency. Almost all company processes can be accelerated, which saves valuable work time, optimizes productivity and lowers costs.

In short: An intranet optimizes your internal communication and information distribution, all departments can access the same data repository, and last but not least, is it simple and affordable to implement.

However, as with many other applications, there are critical variations in quality: How easily and quickly can content be updated? How intelligent is the search function? How secure is my data?

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