Hyperwave staff in our Graz, Austria Headquarters looking forward to telling tales!


If you happened to come across Hyperwave sometime over the last 20 years, you will certainly be aware that we regularly put all our passion for „Content” of all kind – as it flows through enterprises and corporations – into slightly obscure, mostly elegant and very rarely outspoken lines of code. All of these lines assemble somehow on your screen and show up as „Software”. If your daily routine of pointing a mouse and massaging the keyboard through the hidden corners of our vast Software Application isn’t entirely satisfying and you wish you’d get some freshly delivered homemade Hyperwave Content in the mix, we encourage you to take a look at the beta version of our brand new Hyperwave Web-Log.


Or to put it in a more compiled form: It’s about time for a Hyperwave Blog!


And very glad you’ve found it …


Hyperwave backstage

Always wanted to know, how our programmers hack the coffee machine? What we plan for the next 20 years? What Enterprise Content Management is really all about? How to get the very best out of our App? What we are currently working on? What questions are most frequently asked? And when the next release is about to be … released?


Excellent – that’s exactly what we want to know, too! So therefore we will write all of that down for you (and us), on a more or less regular basis. And of course for all our customers, friends and other folks. We will try our best to tag everything appropriately – according to what it is, that you want to know: from FAQ’s to Tipps and Tricks, from product info right down to coffee kitchen talk …


But enough said about us. How about you! We’re sure you must have so much feedback, commentary, annotations, ideas and thoughts that you want to share with us, … right? Please use and abuse our comments section at will, and be lavish with praise and admiration. For it’s that which drives us to provide you with great apps and first rate customer service on a daily basis.


So, thanks a lot for being here and enjoy our blog!

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