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Hyperwave is not just your partner for integrated intranet and private cloud solutions, but also your direct support provider. By telephone, e-mail or in person – our support team can help you with all your questions. Quick and uncomplicated.

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Service Advantages

  • High quality service
  • Short reaction times and fast problem solving
  • Guaranteed feedback to every request
  • Sustainable transfer of know-how betweem support team and customers
  • Increased productivity
  • Flexible service packages

Support Center

  • Austria +43 316 820 918-33
  • Germany +49 8677 915 96-55
  • UK +44 845 680 8409
  • USA +1 617 855 WAVE

Our Service Packages


Standard Support

  • Support times: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
  • Request to the Hyperwave Support Team by e-mail, online form and telephone
  • Consultation with the Hyperwave Support Team by e-mail and Telephone
  • On-site visits where necessary

Premium Support

  • Global contact for all issues (support sickets, escalations, projects)
  • Detailed Knowledge of customer installations (including all customizations made by Hyperwave Professional Service employees)
  • Customer-oriented test system
  • Quarterly support review (analysis and report of tickets accrued)
  • Proactive monitoring of customer systems
  • Updates to the standard product for minor releases, customized to match customer installation


Special Hyperwave Features

We produce our own solutions. The big advantage: upgrades possible at any time. We've been doing it for more than 20 years. Individual requirements and add-ons can be integrated without any problem.

Hyperwave is as international as you are. Our UTF-8 compliant user interface can be translated into any written language. Additionally, content can be made searchable for different languages.

Our solutions are made for intranets. With document management, web content management, social media and process management. Features can be combined in a way that fits your needs. We will ensure an active flow of information in your company.


As soon as a document is created or inserted, it is indexed. There are many different search parameters. You can search by keyword, in the document content, or by attribute, such as document date, modification date, author, or document type. You can use search at any time. You can schedule automatic searches – and have the results sent to you in the form of a newsletter.

We support approximately 200 different file formats. Naturally, all commonly-used Office formats are supported. You can also define document types with specific attributes and then search for them.

We offer an integrated workflow component. It can be based on documents or on forms: all processes can be mapped and controlled.

You can organize your data however you like, and restructure it whenever you need to. Whatever makes sense for you and your customers. We take care of maintaining access rights and linkage.

Access and Security

Every – really, every – object has access rights and is protected from unauthorized access. Unauthorized users will not be able to view documents, links or appointments.

Additional to the access rights, we also offer comprehensive version control and, if required, a customizable audit log. All changes to a document can be shown – easily traceable for a compliance check.

All data is encrypted between the Hyperwave server and the browser. Hyperwave uses the 256-bit Secure Socket Layer transport protocol (SSL).

Administrators can define password rules themselves. This allows you to keep your application secure. Login identification happens automatically.  Hyperwave supports Single sign-on and can also connect to your AD infrastructure.

Technical Integration

It is matter of course for us to provide interfaces to other systems. This means that our solutions are completely integrated in your IT infrastructure.

Hyperwave offers an API for importing and exporting data. The Web Services interface allows for any number of systems to be directly connected.


Hyperwave can be installed in a day. An intranet solution can usually be set up in 3 days. A process can usually be implemented in 1 to 5 days, depending on its scope. Incidentally: you do not require a Hyperwave consultant for continuous operation.

If required, we can support you from requirements analysis all the way to implementation. You can also rely on us for support during your ongoing operation. Our Support team is always available for you. And if you would like to hand us over the whole operation of your intranet: no problem! We offer different levels of support – from premium support to cloud hosting. We also offer training courses.


Hyperwave is very flexible and can be implemented in all areas. The typical implementation is a company intranet. Another common area of implementation is quality management, which has comprehensive requirements as regards document processes and traceability.

When there are many teams working on different projects together, they need shared calendars and task lists. Team members need to be able to communicate by chat. Documents have to be maintained and given the appropriate access rights. Hyperwave can manage all these things smoothly.

To this purpose, we offer a sophisticated document and knowledge management solution. Even large amounts of data can be stored in an orderly way and easily kept up-to-date.

Hyperwave has a wealth of experience in this area, and offers a special intranet solution for Sparkassen. In Germany, ICM based on Hyperwave is the most commonly implemented intranet solution in Sparkassen banks.

An intranet or knowledge management solution by Hyperwave is perfectly suited for a Help center. It can help to organize large amounts of documents, high quality requirements, and information creation processes that must be strictly adhered to.

Suitability for My Company

Tell us your requirements and needs. And we can decide if and how we can help. The following three questions will help: What problem are you facing?  What do you want to achieve? What have you tried already?

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